The Fault in Our Stars – what a beautiful movie *****

In a race it is the first one to the finish that is the winner. When winning that race there is a feeling of absolute joy and invigoration. Sometimes the others in that race can share those feelings and empower the winners and the losers. The feelings are normally short lived as another race begins and the exhilaration and thrill of the chase begins again.

What if there was a race that nobody can ever win? What if the idea of the race was to be the last one to the finish line? What if anyone could join this race at any time and still be a part of the same race?

We are all in a race that nobody wants to win. We look at others with jealousy at their vehicle or the price that is spent in their endeavor to prolong the race. We feel the pain of a flat Tyre or a head gasket gone wrong. The further into the race we get the more our vehicle lets us down. The frustration we feel, and the stories we make up to cover our mistakes in driving our vehicle are many. Sometimes we are cut off or feel like we’ve been run off the road and it is these times we feel duped.

I often hear the saying “It’s not about winning the game …… it’s how you play the game”. I also remember as a child thinking that this saying was about everyone enjoying themselves and yet now I see this is about life. It is about this race that nobody wants to win. Yes, it is about all of us being winners!!!!! For the WIN in life to be possible it is not about the finish line!!! It is the trek taken to the finish line!!! It is not about how long the race has taken!!! It is about how well it is run!!!

My wife once said to me early in our relationship when she was diagnosed and given a short race to run, ” I am sooo sorry to have dragged you into my race, to have you hurt so much when my race is run and how short OUR race was going to be together”. My reply to her was clear!!! “My hurt when this race is done will be severe…. but thought of NOT being part of that race would be devastating!!!” I still thank her for being part of her race to this day. I thank her with three words and mean them with every being. Three words of thanks are free to all and all should share! Share them with only truth and only when you mean them from the bottom of your heart. To give those three words can be as gracious to yourself only when you mean them. When you truly mean to say “I love you”.

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