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Massive Feedback on Julie’s Book

julies book1

from tears to intensity being described as a must read…

well done Julie

Published Book!!!!!

I’m so excited to announce my wife’s book is now published


An autobiography about domestic violence ( previous marriage ) that is extremely powerful. Her comments are “if this book helps one person through their own situation I’ll be happy”.

Getting heaps of positive reviews so if you’d like to purchase this wonderful book just give us a yell.

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I walk into my client I leave my SELF at the door. It is imperative that I go in with no judgement, complete trust in confidentiality and a complete understanding that this is all about them. I am humbled at the extent my clients and I are allowed to explore and grow together. I am grateful at the inspirational effort that is put forward by all. I am amazed at the multitude of shift that we are able to achieve. I am extremely excited by each and every outcome.

Because I leave myself at the door I get a great gift in that for every step forward a client takes, I am taking that same step with them. And as I step back to my SELF, I step back with the gift of lifting with every client.

For those of you that meet and talk with me outside my work, if you could call it that, and find me bouncing off the walls having fun with an insane thirst for knowledge in life. For those of you that find my inquiring mind a little confronting. Know that your happiness is the foremost in my mind and like a leach I am feeding off of it.

For one and all that fit in the categories above ………. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

Exciting Opportunity

baby love

I am looking for four new clients who LOVE THEIR KIDS!!!!

This is to trial a new 6 session program that will be amazing for all concerned.

First in best dressed!!!!

Who are You?


I’d like to hear about you.

Tell me about who you are, how your feeling and how you’d like to feel.

Any comments that are detrimental or judgmental to others will be deleted.

Let’s have some fun.