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Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I walk into my client I leave my SELF at the door. It is imperative that I go in with no judgement, complete trust in confidentiality and a complete understanding that this is all about them. I am humbled at the extent my clients and I are allowed to explore and grow together. I am grateful at the inspirational effort that is put forward by all. I am amazed at the multitude of shift that we are able to achieve. I am extremely excited by each and every outcome.

Because I leave myself at the door I get a great gift in that for every step forward a client takes, I am taking that same step with them. And as I step back to my SELF, I step back with the gift of lifting with every client.

For those of you that meet and talk with me outside my work, if you could call it that, and find me bouncing off the walls having fun with an insane thirst for knowledge in life. For those of you that find my inquiring mind a little confronting. Know that your happiness is the foremost in my mind and like a leach I am feeding off of it.

For one and all that fit in the categories above ………. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

Who are You?


I’d like to hear about you.

Tell me about who you are, how your feeling and how you’d like to feel.

Any comments that are detrimental or judgmental to others will be deleted.

Let’s have some fun.

The Tree of Life

To give advice or tell a story that might help either your own or someone else is a gift. Just writing something can even help yourself. Commenting on the Tree of Life is for everyone to learn by as well as help others. The more comments the more the tree will grow.

We’ve all got some good stories.

A world of pain

Happiness had set in. I wasn’t doing a job that I loved but I was receiving an income that my wife and myself could be comfortable with. Enough to even book and pay off a cruise in about ten months. I could even get my teeth looked at in a couple of weeks. ( That last one had probably been more fear than financial to that time ) I had made love with my wife that night and was off on another trek to Melbourne.

She drove me to work at about four in the morning as I had to refuel the truck before a seven thirty time slot in Broadmeadows. No use winging about the lighting, I mean really, how many times do they need to be asked? Fueling the truck by feel in pitch black light is hard enough and then you hear on the UHF there’s a Vic Roads car at the round about. I gotta turn right there so I better check my blinker as it has been playing up lately. Climb the side steps to the cabin and flick the blinker switch and sure enough, not working! I know a quick bang on the blinker will fix that and that time slot is looming. Leaning back I look to grab the side handles to lower myself down and their blackness disappeared into the night.

Sitting myself up on the ground sends a pain through my left arm that screams “That’s as far as your going”! My mind says different as that time slot says get back to work. I reach and grab to pull myself back into the truck only to feel the screaming of my arm and a fuzzy feeling that made me realize consciousness is fading away. One handed I got myself into the truck and with a determination I pushed my foot on the clutch and moved my arm toward the gear stick. Tears immediately fell on my face as the pain grabbed at my conciseness. This wasn’t going to go away. I was beaten.

The boss was called and the wife was on her way. With hospital in sight and a feeling this pain will only be short lived nightmare, I started on my journey into the world of work cover. The world where the real pain begins and the work ethic fades, to where it ridden into the ground. Where bullying comes from every direction and every form. And even when the work is done, work cover holds true to form.